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Hi All,

Today I will share with you some interesting statistic from xpersonals.com based on alexa’s metrics.

First I must say it is kind impressive how this 6 month old site has been behaving. Well let’s get into the theme and you’ll draw¬† your own conclusions.

Let see how the traffic behave


As you can see the traffic for the last three month is really variable for example mostly all December was getting close to 100k which is cool, however by the end of Dec and the beginning of the year the traffic has drooped till close to 30k daily which is not bad for a 6 months old website.

Where the traffic come from?

xpersonals traffic rank

xpersonals.com traffic as shown in the above picture come mostly from 5 country and the Alexa’s traffic ranking on those country are pretty good.

Well Hope you have enough data to picture yourself how good is xpoersonals.com website.
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